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Baggage Definitions


BAGGAGE includes such articles, effects and other personal property of passenger or appropriate for wear, use, comfort or convenience in connection with the trip, it includes both checked and unchecked baggage. Passengers are advised not to keep valuables, cash, jewellery, important documents and precious items in their checked baggage.
CHECKED BAGGAGE is the baggage of which Carrier takes sole custody and for which Carrier has issued a baggage tag.
UN-CHECKED BAGGAGE means hand baggage which remain in passenger own custody.


BAGGAGE TAG is a document issued by carrier solely for identification of checked baggage, strap portion of baggage tag is attached to checked baggage and the baggage identification tag portion is given to the passenger.


LIMITED RELEASE TAG tag used for checked baggage of the passenger in case the baggage is found open, torn, perishable, damaged, fragile or improperly packed. This tag limits the liability of the carrier.