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Line Stations

  • Pre-Flight/Transit
  • NightStop/Layover
  • Weekly Check
  • Check ‘A’ up till ‘D’
  • AOG Services
  • A/C Washing
  • A/C Fumigation
  • A/C Painting
  • B777
  • B747-200/300
  • B737 Classic
  • A310
  • A320
  • -ATR42
  • Karachi
  • Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Peshawar
  • Sialkot
  • Multan

Line Maintenance Only

maintenance PPO SRS AMC avo

Aircraft Furnishing & Appearance

Power Plant O/H

Structure Repair Shop

Accessories Overhaul

Avionics Overhaul


Line Maintenance:

Our highly skilled Line Maintenance team in Karachi undertakes and releases the full range of cabin tasks and In Flight Entertainment (IFE) checks during transit, along with regular transit tasks for capability of aircraft as per mentioned capabilities. Our Line Maintenance division is backed by extensive shop support and substantial stocks of spare parts inventory and is amongst the region’s most experienced facilities.

As part of our Line Maintenance services, PIA Engineering also maintains the appearance and quality of your aircraft’s cabin and exterior. Our Line Maintenance facilities cover the complete range of an aircraft’s routine maintenance and inspection requirements. We have sufficient aircraft support dock installations in 4 hangars with the requisite trained manpower and tooling to undertake simultaneous work on various types of aircraft in your fleet, around the clock.
PIA E & M Line Maintenance has a build up floor space of 12710m2 with 04 hangars.

Set-up exists for compressed air outlets & electric power pits for 110 VAC / 400 Hz.

For Safety reasons, Portable fire extinguisher available with centrally controlled fire alarm system is available.
Moreover, support shops, aircraft components (rotable’s), Stockroom, Tool store, offices and amenities are also available as back up support.




Base Maintenance:

PIA E & M heavy maintenance facility has build up floor space of 35460m2 with 04 Bays (Bay I, Bay II, Bay III & ACOH).
Movable hangar doors ensure protection from weather conditions.

Expansion foam fire fighting system is in place to combat the fire hazard.

Facilities like compressed air, 115 VAC / 400 Hz electrical power, central vacuum cleaning, fuel tank purging, service lifts and overhead cranes are available for heavy maintenance.



AirWorthiness Management:


Airworthiness Management Engineers are experts in the evaluation, recommendation, specification and negotiation of aircraft acquisitions. The team monitors projects from inception, through the inspections phase from aircraft assembly, to delivery and acceptance.

Capabilities and Services:

Our highly-trained team of specialists are devoted to providing the best support for:
Evaluating and providing recommendations for Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives for aircraft and components.

Preparation of Work Scopes and the production of Maintenance Task Operating Plans, Maintenance Task Cards, Job Instruction Cards and Work Packages
Planning implementations of retrofit programs.

Engine condition monitoring and advice for engine removal/installation for optimum life.

APU health monitoring.

In-house modification developments and implementation in all areas of an aircraft, including cabin, airframe, avionics and engines.

Maintaining knowledge libraries within PIA Engineering, ensuring that maintenance staff have access to relevant, up-to-date material and information